Handling Unemployment, Part 1

I was visiting with a friend Saturday who remarked, “You seem surprisingly cheerful in spite of the fact that you say your unemployment bothers you.”

For the most part, I think it’s honest to say that I don’t feel badly even though I don’t like the fact that I’ve been unemployed for almost three months. I hope my cheerfulness is more the work of the spirit than denial, though I know denial is not out of the question.

I can’t think of any real asset feeling bad would offer me. I’m working hard at making myself available for employment — I’m on job boards online, I’ve contacted employers, I’ve applied for jobs. But I trust I’m grown up enough to put my heart into seeking without being miserable about my current circumstance.

Jan & I are surprised at how God supplies finances apart without me working and beyond our ability to anticipate.

I trust that God will place me in my next paid assignment when the time is right, and until then joy is better than misery.

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  1. Hernan Diaz says:

    Mark, you are one of the smartest and wisest people that I know and I praying for you and for your next job. The Lord will provide according to his riches in glory.

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