Handling Unemployment, Part 2

I was celebrating how well God is bringing me through joblessness when I got snagged on Psalm 65:1 in my devotions this morning. As I read the Psalm, I asked “Is there anything that overwhelms me?”

“Rejection,”  answered my heart, almost immediately. Feeling rejected by all the employers I’ve contacted who haven’t returned my calls. Rejection from the “no thanks” letters, postcards and emails I’ve received from places where I applied from jobs.

Intellectually, it’s easy to rationalize and say “Jobs are tight; many good people are out of work longer than me; the right job just hasn’t come along yet.” But that’s not what I always feel.

Now, I’m not miserable (see my last post). But the serial rejection does make it hard to enthusiastically submit a new application. And the stacks of rejection letters make it easy to doubt that the next employer is just the one for me.

So I’m praying regularly for faith. Not faith in God’s goodness, per se. But faith that this will all work out — and that I won’t be overwhelmed by rejection.

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2 Responses to Handling Unemployment, Part 2

  1. Hernan Diaz says:

    Mark you are on of my best friends and best pastor I have ever known and soon you’ll have a great job! I know that!

    • admin says:

      I had a visit today with a Christian who (like me)is very committed to Latino ministry and Intentional Interim ministry. It might mean a job in a few months; it certainly means God is moving in these important areas. Your cold Friday kept us both from a refreshing time — I’m hoping we can make it up soon.

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