Shepherds & Pirates

I started re-reading Temporary Shepherds by Roger S Nicholson today. From my quick survey, this book seems to be the pre-eminent text on Intentional Interim Ministry (if you know of a similar or better one, please let me know!).

I’m re-reading Temporary Shepherds with a red pen, so I can underline those parts most helpful to me in my consulting work with the Evangelical Church

Yesterday, I started reading Michael Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes. Its a novel about . . . (wait for it . . .) pirates. Crichton was famous (and rich) for writing sci-fi novels that educated and frightened all at the same time. He did not publish this pirate book while alive, but it was discovered as a complete novel upon his death. Instead of fearsome velociraptors (Jurasic Park), Pirate Latitudes gives you the creeps about life in the 17th century Caribbean.

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