Pain, Pain, Go Away

This is one of those when I feel I’d be doing much better without a body. I have tennis elbow that incapacitates my right arm. Today I went to the chiropractor because I cannot stand up long enough to walk to the restroom.

Paul said God gave him a thorn in the flesh. I don’t know that my pains are from God, but I certainly feel like I have several thorns in the flesh.

Paul also said that God is glorified by using someone ridden with physical difficulty. Today I want to say, “That probably includes just about everyone.” If we only followed Christ or reached out to others on days when our personal life was perfect, there would very little holiness and even less ministry in our world.

If I were a bigger person, I would say “don’t feel sorry for me.” But I’ll take the sympathy. More than that, though, is this: whenever you see someone making progress in their Christian life or serving others sacrificially, thank God for his grace. Because in some way (probably unknown to you) they are working on the spiritual plane in spite of physical pain.

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