Rotary Phone Ministry in an iPhone World

Humans have an unlimited ability to hold opposite mentalities at the same time. I enjoy making fun of the inconsistencies of others, and I really laugh when someone points out my own inconsistencies.

But have you noticed that church people are comfortable living in the new millennium in every sphere — except church? I noticed this recently at a church meeting. The group was discussing church structure in 1960’s terms, but they all had their iPhones in front of them. They were practicing “Rotary Phone Ministry in an iPhone World.”

Now, some people refuse to leave the 20th century on any level, and I have little problem with that. What intrigues me is that most people in traditional churches have moved from rotary phones to iPhones, from buying books at the local store to, from cooking meals from scratch to microwave meals. They easily update every part of their life — except their church life.

I would never abandon or modify our theology or Bible-based convictions. But I think it wise to change our understanding of when and how often people should come to a church building. (Actually, I still like church buildings, which makes me a dinosaur myself!)

Can you think of friends who have updated every part of their lives except how to “do church”?

Have you found a way to help people accept the ways in church ministry changes, just like the rest of life?

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