Holy Planning

If you ever wondered how to do church planning in a spiritual manner, I have a book for you.

Holy Conversations: Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice by Gil Rendle and Alice Mann doesn’t try to separate business approaches and spiritual discernment: it finds a unique way to combine them.

The main plea of the book is for church leaders to create on-going spiritual conversations about what is important to them, and what future they believe God is calling their church to. Many styles of spiritual discernment are explained:  Ignatian, Methodist, African and Quaker.

But the book also covers what (besides number of bodies) makes different sized churches different from each other. It offers two creative ways to explore a church’s history. Rendle and Mann talk about what really happens when a pastor asks a congregation to complete survey. Twenty-three appendices cover everything from “Types of Planning” to “A Short Guide to Lectio Divina.”

This would be a wonderful book if you just wanted to explore deepening the Christian spirituality of groups. It would be a fine book if you just wanted to follow a sound strategic planning process. And it is gold for those who seek a spiritually grounded planning process.

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