Negative Pleasure

I learned about this concept from my wife. She read an article that advocated paying attention to negative pleasures. “Negative Pleasures” are not about enjoying bad things; but rather, appreciating the bad things one is not experiencing.

For instance, have you thanked God today that your country is not occupied by a foreign army? That would be a negative pleasure. If you are as fortunate, have you thanked the Lord that you have not gone through foreclosure this past year (with earnest prayers for those who have)?

My negative pleasure today is that I have no back pain. A month ago, I could not get out of bed due to the incredible pain in my lower back. I went to doctors, chiropractors, pills, vitamins, and still was bent over like a pretzel for five days.

But today, I move in any direction as far as I want to go and don’t even think about my back. What a wonderful “negative pleasure!”

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