Modular Work-life

Well, it finally happened: I am now working three part-time jobs all at the same time. I call this my modular work-life.

I work for the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Church as a consultant for Intentional Interim Ministry. I work for Barclay College as an online instructor. I work for New Hope Christian College as an adjunct instructor.

I call this a “modular work-life” partly because I need a title to help me adjust to the new reality. The new reality for many of us is that full-time jobs are disappearing quickly. It has seemed clear to me for awhile that if I wanted a livable income, I would have to put together a life around several part-time jobs.

The word “modular” focuses on the fact that I can give precise help for concrete needs in various employers. Each of these employers is responding to their own new realities. Rather than hiring a large number of generalists full-time and hope they can adequately fulfill the needs of the employer, they are hiring specialists for very specific needs.

When I have helped these three employers accomplish their specific needs, my employment with them will conclude. What I hope for is that when these tasks are complete, each of my employers will have another need I can meet.

This is not the life I thought I signed up for. However, it does make life interesting, and I really dislike boredom.

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