Playing the ‘Bone — Pondering Excellence

I played Trombone today in a worship band at the Eugene First Evangelical Church. It was the first time I’ve played my ‘bone in public for two years, and I enjoyed myself.

But I couldn’t miss an opportunity to wonder . . .  wonder about what it takes to make worship “cook.” Every once in awhile, I get too radical for some of my friends and say “the worship leaders have to be top-notch musicians. Simply loving Jesus is not enough.” Today’s worship leader and worship band were all top notch (well, except the visiting trombonist!).

I would love it if all it took to lead God’s people into worship was loving Jesus. And I have to say, today’s good worship did not settle the argument for me. Because the leader was very intentional about making the worship band a band of believers and fellow faith-strugglers first.

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