This Should Not Be New Thought

Here’s the quote that impressed me the most today: “No one knows everything.”

That really struck me, which is scary. I should be humble enough to admit to not knowing everything. But somehow, I have the misguided impression that folks will stop following me the moment they discover I am not omniscient.

The person who made the statement went on to say, “This is hard for pastors to hear, because we are one of the last generalists — people responsible for leadership in several different fields.” This is no excuse; just a reason why the idol of false omniscience is so attractive to pastors.

How do pastors (and other know-it-alls) get past this temptation? Well . . . there’s one thing I don’t know, entirely. But our speaker went to suggest that asking others to perform certain functions at the church is one way. Forcing ourselves to listen more than we talk is another.

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