God’s Definition of “Abundance”

I still like John 10:10: “I come that they might have life, and life abundantly.” However, what “abundance” (or “rich, satisfying”) means has changed over the years.

I used to equate “abundance” with lots of money, or undisturbed comfort. This always presented a problem though, because I know very few Christians who are either rich or comfortable.

Now I understand “abundance” to mean influence. It links up to John 15, where Jesus promises that if we live in him, we will bear much fruit for him.

I have seen this version of abundance lived out in the past six months. I do not have much of the riches or comfort, but God is expanding my influence by leading me into three part-time jobs/ministries.

The funny thing is that I have always complained about my inability to multi-task. God had a plan for that, too! He gave me three different ministries at once as the world’s best training in multii-tasking!

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