Intentional Interim Workshop

I will teach/facilitate a 3-day workshop on Intentional Interim Ministry November 1-3, 2011. Here is just a glimpse at the brochure/registration form:

Churches Change

When a long-time pastor or minister leaves a church, the church is forced to change. Grief, anger, and confusion hit each individual and dominate the church community.

Churches also face change when their community changes dramatically, or as the demographics of the membership transition.

Leading churches during these transition periods can challenge the pastor, but this is the time when churches can be led to transforming growth.

Leaders Lead

An unprepared pastor might respond to change and its edgy dynamics by acting as if everything is normal, or by trying to find out “who” is to blame.

Trained Intentional Interim Ministers accept those dynamics and lovingly lead church members through the rough times into a greater ownership of their gifts and future direction.

Preparing Transitional Leaders

Over the course three days, you will learn how to help churches respond to unexpected change with honesty, grace, and hope.

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