The Presence of Angels

Excuse my honesty, but I have always wondered about the fascination about angels. I never doubted their existence; but I could not see why many people are drawn to them.

This morning, I read Michael Card’s Luke: The Gospel of Amazement. He, too, wondered why Luke told the story of an angel comforting Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. His best guess was, “Perhaps the angel is simply silently present to let Jesus know that, for now anyway, he is not alone.”

That struck a nerve with me. We do feel alone. We feel alone as physical/emotional objects, which is bad enough. But to an even more grievous extent, we feel alone as spiritual beings.

Each person knows they are a spiritual being. But most people treat us as merely physical/emotional objects. We rarely have someone interact with us as a spiritual being.

But angels interact us with primarily as spiritual beings — we are not alone.

“O wonderful source of light and giver of spiritual life, give me eyes to see the spiritual light of my brothers and sisters today. Give me grace to speak to their hearts and love to touch their spirit.”

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