New Job

This morning, I accepted the offer to teach Gospels and Acts at New Hope Christian College. Classes start next Wednesday, so I am furiously polishing off a syllabus from Gospels courses and adding an Acts segment.

One of the books I ordered for the course is Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel. Since the book will not be released until September 13, I am fairly sure this will be only the second course to use the book as a text (I imagine that Scot has used it before :))

This means I am now teaching three courses, each for a different institution. In addition to NHCC, I teach a hybrid course at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, and an on-line course at Barclay College.

I thank God for the opportunity to serve Jesus with my teaching skills. Three years ago, I longed for the opportunity to teach, but convinced myself those opportunities were long gone. So, to echo C.S. Lewis, I am “Surprised by Grace.” (And if we are not surprised by grace, have we really encountered grace?)

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