Becoming Missional

“The Missional Church” is a hot phrase right now, and rightly so. God sent the church on a mission. Every once in awhile (probably, once a generation), the church forgets that we have a job to do and begins to think in terms protecting its comfort zone.

This video by Reggie McNeal expresses clearly what a missional church does that makes it missional. Reggie has written a couple of terrific books on becoming missional. His “The Present Future” was the first book that helped me see the necessity and beauty of the changes that God is producing in the American church.

Here are a couple of insights from the video (but you owe it to yourself to click on the link and spend 15 minutes watching it yourself.) “A missional church joins God’s redemptive work in the world.” “A missional church does somethings for the community, but it also does much with the community.” “People are less interested in the church service (worship) and more interested in the service of the church.”


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