I Admit — I Can Be Irrational

Leadership Journal recently published a Christian leader’s take on Albert Ellis’ irrational beliefs, and it hits home.

Irrational Belief #1 is thinking that I a miserable failure anytime I am not perfect. Realistically, there is a lot of room in between perfect and abysmal failure, but my emotions don’t get that.

Irrational Belief #2 is that when other people do not treat me most kindly, they are wicked people. I see church folks putting this to work often when someone at church treats them a little roughly, or awkwardly.

Irrational Belief #3 is that the conditions in which I live ought to be wonderful at all times, or there must be someone evil to blame.

The good news in the article is that scripture says none of the above are true: We are loved, other people need our love, and rough circumstances can push us closer to God.

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