Ukuleles and Ordinary Shepherds

Our church’s children’s program featured a Ukulele Angel Choir this year!

The charming Christmas play also featured the typical church kids-turned-shepherds for a day. They were not polished actors, but they told the story.

Actually, I believe they told the story because they were not polished actors. The first shepherds were not polished. Shepherds were famous for their imperfections, and for their lack of social graces.

God’s Son was born to ordinary citizens in an imperfect situation. All this matters, because we need reminding that the Incarnation is all about the perfect taking on imperfection (God becoming flesh).

We tend to discount the value of events or people whenever we see their imperfections. What would happen if we looked for God poking out of the imperfect cracks of our worship services, attempts to share Jesus, and our friends? Would we see more incarnation? Would we become incarnation?


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