Short-term Mountains

On Sunday, I taught about the transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9:28-36).  What joy James, John, and Peter felt when they saw Jesus in all his glory!

Unfortunately, in the next story, they walk down the mountain and face a problem that seems impossible. What a let down! Peter wanted to stay on the mountain for awhile longer — this was part of the motivation behind “Let’s stay here and build three shelters.”

However, God’s will for Peter and his two friends was to go down the mountain, where they faced human need and their own inadequacies.

Aren’t we just like Peter? Don’t we relish the “mountain top experiences” where the glory is crystal clear and problems are hidden in a fog bank? And yet, in Jesus’ three years of ministry with the disciples, only 3 hours (at most) were spent soaking up his glory. The rest was slogging it out against suffering and sin.

I’m looking forward to heaven which (I think) will be all mountain top and (maybe) no struggle. But until then, I choose to be faithful in remaining content with where 99% of life is supposed to be — in the valley of need. May we all find find ways to make each other’s journey through the valley just a little less painful and little more fulfilling.


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