Is this your hope? I hope so :)

Overheard at Greek Devotions: “Hope is disciplined waiting with full expectation of receiving.” This reminds us that hope is much more than wishing, it is waiting. And hope pushes us to not only wait on occasion, but to discipline ourselves to wait always.

When I look at the way the New Testament heroes all joyfully persevered even in the darkest hours I must believe that NT hope is not just waiting for Jesus to return. NT hope is also disciplined waiting for my current conflict to resolve, waiting for my joy in worship to return, waiting with joy for my next job offer. What does “disciplined waiting” mean in all your discouraging phases of life?

Overheard at that same session of Devotions in Greek: “Hope is not me casting a life line up to God and the final future. Real hope is God casting back to us from the future what I will receive in Christ.”

May hope transform your heart today, and your reality for tomorrow!

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