What is Christ Quickening?

“God made us alive together with Christ (Ephesians 2:5).”

What part of me has Christ made alive today? When I look for the new thing that the Lord is doing, I find satisfaction and joy.

By contrast, when I rivet my attention to my struggles and shortcomings, I feel depressed. When I try to suck satisfaction out of what I do for myself, or what others do, I feel fear. For I know that satisfaction drawn from human accomplishment quickly disappears.

Am I aware of the new life Christ is producing in me – today? Yes, when I make the effort to identify the new things Jesus is doing in and around me. Yes, when I respond to the new impulses of the Spirit. Yes, when I develop the new relationships God brings my way. Yes, when I accept the new limitations from the Lord as part of his protection.

O God who dwells in newness of life, forgive me for obsessing over things which I do not control, and which cannot give me joy.

Today I will actively seek your work in my life, my relationships, and my tasks. I will join you in the good that you are doing, and I will take my role in opposing the evil which wrestles against you.

As I pursue your life, give me more of yourself that I might finish this day satisfied with the joy of having partnered in your plan for my world.


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