Time for Wisdom

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Italian Vineyard tcktcktck.org

Today’s Bible reading included 1 Kings 20-21, and it definitely confused me. At times, God chastised the leaders when they treated people graciously. At other times, God explicitly reverses himself and treats people graciously.

So my question is, how do I know when to treat people with grace, and when do I demand that they meet the full letter of the law? I know that God expects me to do both in various situations, and I feel like I often choose the wrong path.

Part of the answer requires sensitivity in every circumstance to the Lord’s voice.  Part of it means getting beyond what I feel and discerning the true impact the other person. Part of it is diving in, recognizing that bold mistakes are better than timid lack of action.

“God, I must admit I often wonder whether a situation requires your justice or grace. Please teach me, and lead me, so that my decisions reflect your truth and glory. Amen.”

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