Like A Child . . . Really?

Does an adult view of God get in the way of our kingdom participation?

I read this morning from Matthew 18-20. In this section, children were always hanging out around Jesus (Matthew 18:1-6, 19:13-15). He counted that as a good thing.

Trying to understand Jesus’ statements about children leads me to two propositions:

  • Greatness in the kingdom comes from child-like humility.
  • The kingdom belongs to those who come to Jesus, expecting that he will bless them.

I’m involved inIMG_0524 very dangerous occupation. Not dangerous to my physical safety, but potentially toxic to my spiritual safety. I work in biblical “higher” education.

The danger of an advanced education is that we begin to think advanced training is what saves, sanctifies, and qualifies us for service. Paul was a highly-education person, but clearly thought that his humble faith & obedience is why God used him. He lived up to Jesus’ instructions in the two propositions above.

Paul’s example suggests that while God can use faith alone, or use education combined with faith, he cannot use education alone.

I love to dig deep into scripture, and to research what all the experts think about it. However, I know how refreshing it is to encounter Jesus as a child does — simply taking the Bible at its most apparent meaning, fully expecting Jesus to fulfill his promises, and then quickly obeying his command.

If I hold the hand of my tasks today, the day will end with discouragement, for there is much I will not finish. If I hold the hand of learning today I will to bed jaded, because learning multiplies questions. If I hold the hand of Jesus, I will end the day with love, joy, and peace.

My Prayer: “Take my hand, Jesus and give me your love. Lead the way, Jesus, into those tasks you have prepared me for. Calm my heart, Jesus, when I encounter questions, conflict, and chaos. Move my heart, Jesus when I encounter the brokenness of the world. Remind me that I am part of your plan to bring wholeness to those around me. Make me an agent of your peace”

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