Time Experienced Simultaneously

Today I’m mediating on God’s nature as everlasting (eternity). Since we are stuck in our time-space continuum, we struggle to grasp both the nature and the implications of God’s eternity.

We experience time sequentially: today I’m experiencing July 12 and nothing else, though I have fading memories of previous days. July 13 and 2019 are little more than romantic ideas. Yet God experiences time simultaneously. Christ is fully present in July 12, 2017, January 2 855, and February 10, 2055 all at the same time.

Devotionally, this inspires awe. My mind stretches and my heart rejoices each time I ponder God’s simultaneous touch of all times and all places. But there are practical implications as well.

When God challenges me to what seems impossible, God is aware of the assistance I will receive tomorrow. The Lord is also aware of the personal growth and satisfaction I will have next year, having conquered today’s challenge.

However, God’s awareness of the benefits of today’s challenge does not eradicate the Lord’s empathy for my struggle today. If the Lord is truly present in all times, then God is very much aware of how staggering today’s tasks seem to me.

And so the eternity of God gives my Savior compassion for my current state and passion for the growth I will experience as I follow the Spirit into the future. This gives me faith to follow Jesus today.

Inspired by “Elohenu Olam” in Tony Evan’s’ Praying Through the Names of God.

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