Developmental Tasks of Transitioning Churches

DEVELOPMENTAL TASK #1 Learning from Our History

  • What events have shaped us?
  • What have previous pastoral transitions been like?
  • How does our history make us unique?
  • What spiritual lessons can we learn from our history?

DEVELOPMENTAL TASK #2 Clarifying Our Identity

  • “Who we are” changes over time
  • But in our busy-ness we fail to recognize how we’ve changed
  • “Who we are” can be hidden in the shadow of a great pastor
  • Paths to Examining Our Identity

What do we believe?

What behavior do we advocate?

Who are we – age, income, location, etc.

What is our neighborhood like?

DEVELOPMENTAL TASK #3 Accepting Leadership Changes

  • This is good time for hard-working leaders to take a break
  • This is also a good time for new leaders to come forward

DEVELOPMENTAL TASK #4 Reconnecting to the Wider Church

  • What kind of relationship do we want with our denomination?
  • What kind of relationship do we want with other local churches?

DEVELOPMENTAL TASK #5 Committing to a New Future

  • Developing a new vision, mission & strategic plan
  • Developing a profile of what we want in the next pastor
  • Preparing to partner with the next long-term pastor

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