Paths to Discovering a Church’s Identity

Congregational Identity

The Spiritual Dynamic

What are our Biblical values?

What are our Biblical convictions?

What spiritual experiences have most of us had?

The Demographic Dynamic

What is our age?

What is our income?

Where do we live and work?

What is our ethnicity?

The Organizational Dynamic

How do things get done?

How do we communicate with each other?

How are decisions made?

What programs/activities do we do together?

Who is admitted as a member, and as a leader?

How do we relate to other churches and our denomination?

Parish (Our Community) Identity

Research through government publications

Research through interviewing community leaders

Research through home-to-home visitation

The best way to determine our potential for successful outreach is to identify the point where our congregational strengths and our community’s needs come together.

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